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Author: Daniel Ditzhazy

seo search engine marketing contract

Search Engine Marketing SEO

Key Line Items In Your Search Marketing Contract

Posted By Daniel Ditzhazy

 Henry Sygy for Daniel Ditzhazy Internet Media
There are some important things to have in mind when considering your search marketing contract. You should be clear about the requirements of your business and be prepared to work with your search marketing consultant to achieve the best

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pokemon go traffic

Gaming Pokémon GO

Can Pokémon Increase Foot Traffic To Local Businesses?

Posted By Daniel Ditzhazy

Saad Naveed Bari for Daniel Ditzhazy Internet Media
Pokémon GO has spread like wildfire ever since its debut, with just about everyone playing it.  Even those who are not have certainly heard about it. It is an understatement that this augmented reality mobile game is

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how to use pinterest app

Marketing Pinterest Social Media

How to use the Long-Awaited Pinterest App…

Posted By Daniel Ditzhazy

What is Pinterest?
This is a social networking site that is set up as a virtual pinboard. Once uploaded or shared on Pinterest, these images become known as pins. It assists you to organize and share pictures that you find on the web. Furthermore, you

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google scientist at work on quantum theory

Google quantum computers

How Is Google Dealing With Quantum Computers & The Internet’s Future?

Posted By Daniel Ditzhazy

When you start hearing news about quantum computers and the future of Google Search, what comes to mind? I’ll tell you what comes to my mind. I start thinking about the power of artificial intelligence and how we might be biting off more than we

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what is the knowledge graph


Google Knowledge Graph

Posted By Daniel Ditzhazy

Welcome to  We offer Los Angeles SEO services for business to help drive traffic and customers to your websites.
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