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Key Line Items In Your Search Marketing Contract

Posted By Daniel Ditzhazy

 Henry Sygy for Daniel Ditzhazy Internet Media

There are some important things to have in mind when considering your search marketing contract. You should be clear about the requirements of your business and be prepared to work with your search marketing consultant to achieve the best results.  This article will take you through some of the key line items in your search engine optimization marketing contract.

Contract agreements:

It is important to consider the contract involved with your chosen search marketing agency. As a business, you want to choose a package that is convenient for you. Whether it is a 12-month contract or a monthly package, there should be clarity about what to expect. If you are unsure as to whether an online marketing agency will provide the service that you want or not, you probably would not want to commit to a lengthy search marketing contract.  Most reputable search marketing consultants would offer an agreement to fit your business needs.

Golden retriever waits patiently with a piece of bread under her mouth

Time Frame:

With good practices, and depending on the techniques used, results can seldom be seen within a few days, even as Google updates its index regularly.  You shouldn’t expect to see results immediately with a new search marketing campaign. It takes time to build your website into an asset, just like it takes time to build any long-standing structure.  Rankings will fluctuate in the interim, and you will wonder whether you made the right decision in the months that your website is still not ranking on the first page.  This is normal.  The ranking of your website depends on how competitive your business industry is, the current standing of your site, and what sorts of keywords you will be targeting.  Rest assured that a competent search marketer will deliver the return on investment promised.

Proposed Strategy:

Most search marketing companies won’t reveal exactly what proprietary techniques they’ll do to your website. However, you need to consider the keyword that you would want to dominate in your site depending on the main purpose of the site.  In case you’re just getting started, here’s a free tip: the keyword that you want your site to rank for usually needs to appear on your website somewhere.  The way a search marketing company performs search engine optimization is their intellectual property, but they should be able to give you a few indications of what they’ll do, and how it will impact your rankings.

White Hat Practices:

It is best that your search marketing contract is clear about using so-called “white hat” practices (as opposed to questionable “black hat” practices) because malpractice can result in your website being penalized. Not every search marketing company uses only white hat practices.  Find out about the methods being used to ensure that your website gains legitimate ranking.

My dad in his white hat with his father and brothers (1930s).

Business Performance:

A search marketing company’s guarantee can come from experience and extensive research, and every search marketing company worth its salt can guarantee that its techniques will result in a website ranking higher in Google. Anyone who does not guarantee results or cannot demonstrate rankings should not be chosen to service your website.  Look out for companies with experience.

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pokemon go traffic

Gaming Pokémon GO

Can Pokémon Increase Foot Traffic To Local Businesses?

Posted By Daniel Ditzhazy

Saad Naveed Bari for Daniel Ditzhazy Internet Media

Pokémon GO has spread like wildfire ever since its debut, with just about everyone playing it.  Even those who are not have certainly heard about it. It is an understatement that this augmented reality mobile game is having a huge impact on the everyday lives of people, considering how obsessed they have become in order to “be the very best” Pokémon Trainer. This is actually beneficial for business owners since various local businesses and landmarks have been transformed into Pokémon Gyms and PokéStops. By turning this influx of Pokémon GO users into a positive experience, local businesses can indeed attract paying customers and even get some media exposure.

Is A Local Business A Pokémon Gym Or PokéStop?


The aspect that sets Pokémon GO from other games is that people actually have to step out of their house. They have to travel on foot in order to catch Pokémon, collect rewards and have battles, visiting locations in their vicinity that are Pokémon Gyms Or PokéStops.

Many of these Pokémon Gyms Or PokéStops happen to be local businesses. Niantic Labs, the developer of this game, does not yet have a map of all the Pokémon Gyms and PokéStops. However, business owners can still find out if their local business is a Gym or PokéStop by downloading and installing Niantic’s game “Ingress,” and then checking its online map of portals.

It must be kept in mind that Niantic Labs has pre-determined the locations of Pokémon Gyms Or PokéStops, so there is currently no way of applying to become one. However, anyone who owns a local business may submit a request via Niantic’s support page in order for the developer to consider their venue as a Pokémon GO Gym or PokéStop.

Lure In Paying Customers – Literally

A local business is quite fortunate if it is currently a Pokémon Gym or PokéStop because that alone will likely get avid Pokémon GO players flocking to their location. However, these business owners can even make an effort themselves to increase foot traffic to their location via Pokémon GO itself.

One of the in-app purchases that are available in this game is the “Lure Model,” which can be placed at a PokéStop in order to attract Pokémon for 30 minutes. Once a Lure Model has been placed, a business owner can most certainly expect players walking in at their location and they can be potentially turned into paying customers.

There are several ways a local business can capitalize on being a Pokémon Gym or PokéStop, or even being near either of those. Perhaps the foremost and most effective measure would be to get social, to promote the business as a Pokémon Gym or PokéStop if it is indeed one. This should get the message out to prospective new customers who happen to be Pokémon GO players.

Such a business may even host Pokémon-themed giveaways and may even place a Lure Model before or during popular and special events. Once again, advertising would be the key since this will inform them beforehand of the opportunity to catch several different Pokémon at a single location.


Pokémon GO continues to explode and as people keep on becoming more obsessed with it, business owners can take advantage of it, transforming it into a positive experience for everyone. Of course, to do so, Los Angeles business owners will have to get into the spirit of the game and perhaps even play a little Pokémon GO themselves too.  To learn about more creative ways of driving traffic to your business, check out

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how to use pinterest app

Marketing Pinterest Social Media

How to use the Long-Awaited Pinterest App…

Posted By Daniel Ditzhazy

What is Pinterest?

This is a social networking site that is set up as a virtual pinboard. Once uploaded or shared on Pinterest, these images become known as pins. It assists you to organize and share pictures that you find on the web. Furthermore, you can also browse other people’s boards and pins.

Why use the Pinterest App?

Pinterest can be used to collect crafts, ideas, recipes, or sayings that relate to topics that you are basically interested in. For example, if you love travelling, you could use Pinterest to find and view places that you would want to visit. Pinterest is particularly important to individuals who enjoy crafting or other hobbies.


1. Follow people with common interests

2. Find new ideas or projects by searching other people’s pinboards.

3. Sharing your project, ideas or recipes with your followers via pins.


Sign up

When signing up you may choose to do so using your Facebook account or your email account.

Home feed

When you first log into Pinterest, the first screen that opens is your home feed with a view of the pins from the people that you follow.


pinterest tips and tricks
When you pin it, it goes onto your board for others to see. I like hiking so I’m putting this one on my ‘hiking’ themed board which I share with fellow hikers.

In order to pin, all you need to do is find a picture that you like and would like to add it to your pinboard. In order to do this, just place the cursor over the picture and some buttons will appear. Click on ‘pin it’ in order to add the picture. A new window will appear asking you to choose what board you would like to pin it to and allows you to add a description. When finished, just click pin it and you are set.

It is also possible to share the pin with your friends via email or the Pinterest App itself. Furthermore, there is a heart ‘like’ button that allows you to communicate to a person that you like their pin without necessarily pinning it to one of your boards.

Searching for friends

To find someone/friends on Pinterest, just click on the find friends button when you first open your account. You can do this easily by connecting the app to Facebook or Twitter. A list of your friends will appear and you can click on the follow button to start following any of your friends’ pins.

Pinterest toolbar

In order to navigate to different pages or options, simply use the Pinterest toolbar on your account.

The notifications tab allows you to know who has pinned, commented, followed or liked your pins or boards. The plus tab allows you to upload a pin from your device to Pinterest, add a pin from a website, or create a new board. The subject tab allows you to browse pinboards by subject.

From the toolbar, you can also find your way to view pages on your boards, pins, and likes.

Creating a board

You can do this by clicking on the ‘create a board’ on your Boards page.  Check out my board here, which has pins about increasing traffic to your website.

Your profile

Your profile is available on the ‘Your Boards’ page. It is easy to create and includes a profile image, your name, and your bio.

Privacy settings

It is very important to note the privacy settings. Any account that you create normally has default settings which may at times not meet your expectations on privacy. To see the privacy settings, just click on settings. You can then set your account the way you want it.


Pinterest is a great avenue to drive traffic to your website or just to learn about a particular topic of interest in a very visual manner.  If you pin something interesting, it could go viral.  Learn more about driving increased traffic to your site at  Thanks for reading.  See you next time!

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google scientist at work on quantum theory

Google quantum computers

How Is Google Dealing With Quantum Computers & The Internet’s Future?

Posted By Daniel Ditzhazy

When you start hearing news about quantum computers and the future of Google Search, what comes to mind? I’ll tell you what comes to my mind. I start thinking about the power of artificial intelligence and how we might be biting off more than we can chew. Have you seen the television show ‘Person of Interest?’

In actuality, it’s Google that is concerned about the future of Google Search. You see, there are certain encryption methods in place right now that experts say are going to be outdated. What’s going to happen then? People are definitely wanting to know.

Are quantum computers able to solve the problem? It’s actually these quantum computers that are going to be able to crack the encryption methods in the future. Google is already trying to do something about it with post-quantum computers. The concern that Google is addressing has been dubbed the ‘crypto apocalypse‘ by some people.

Does any of this make sense to you? It’s not every day that people think about how the Internet itself is secured. They think about their own personal safety and security when using the Internet. However, someone out there has to be one step ahead of the hackers. Furthermore, aside from just general safety and security, what does all this mean for Internet usage in general? For example, what does it mean when it comes to performing Internet searches?

The Internet and computers themselves have been consistently evolving of course as the demands of technology are met. However, are we hitting a breaking point? Evidently the largest technology company in the world thinks so. Business professionals and consumers, in general, are taking notice. While it’s not necessarily easy to understand ‘the scoop’ for many people, as it sounds like quantum physics, it’s definitely a growing concern.

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what is the knowledge graph


Google Knowledge Graph

Posted By Daniel Ditzhazy

Welcome to  We offer Los Angeles SEO services for business to help drive traffic and customers to your websites.

If you’re here for the free website SEO report, enter your website here.
If you’d like me to prepare an in-depth video analysis of your website, fill out the discovery form.


What is the Google Knowledge Graph and SEO?

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With regards to selecting an SEO organization, you must be extremely watchful at which organization you choose to work with. Such an extensive amount of your business is at stake here, and time is ticking away that your site needs to get to the top of the rankings. Every day that passes, your opposition is jumping on your potential clients and taking your income.

The following tips will help you find a professional, competent and affordable candidate.

1. Size of Your Company

Verify while picking an SEO organization that they offer clients diverse value focuses for various sizes of organizations. SEO is NOT the same for all organizations, and Daniel Ditzhazy Internet Media comprehends that each business needs to contact potential clients with showcasing methodologies that are ideal for that individual organization, not a cookie cutter recipe for each business. In the event that you just utilized the same showcasing techniques as the other organizations in your specialty, your message would be lost and your pages never found by customers.

2. Particular Keyword Optimization

The keyword advancement on your site is a fundamental piece of how the web search tool bots rank your pages and how viably the purchaser will discover you amid your competitors' websites. At Daniel Ditzhazy Internet Media, first your webpages are meticulously investigated word by word, then the keywords are researched, and certain ones are recommended to build your page rank. You will even get an itemized investigation report indicating how the keywords are building activity.

4. Time to Make a Move

With regards to site improvement, time is of the essence since you have rivals everywhere attempting to move to the front of the standings. The SEO organization you choose will spare you significant time by conveying proficient work inside a predetermined time period without having you hold their hand every step of way. The master SEO group at Daniel Ditzhazy Internet Media chips away at enhancing your site page rank so you can center your endeavors on different activities intended to develop your business.

5. Paying for Quality Service

It takes diligent work for a site improvement organization to build up a technique and after that discover high-ranking keywords. While you shouldn't hope to pay bargain basement prices - you get what you pay for - you shouldn't be taken advantage of either. The expert SEO specialists charge a sensible cost for their extraordinary service, and stand behind their work once completed.

6. Creating Linking Strategies

It is one thing to rank high for certain keywords, but it is another by and large to have a strong connecting technique set up. Your SEO organization won't just perform a nitty gritty examination of the connecting structure inside your site, they will demonstrate for you precisely how they plan to enhance it.

7. Understanding the End Game

One reason more entrepreneurs are working with Daniel Ditzhazy Internet Media is on the grounds that this SEO organization follows through on their guarantees. When you first start working with the expert site design improvement group, they will disclose to you how they will build the web infrastructure leading to your site which, in turn, increases rankings at Google. The showcasing systems they use will drive more focused clients to your webpages, which, in turn, develops your client base and incomes.

If your site is not on page 1 of Google for your business, product, or services, then you are losing cash to your rivals that rank in front of you. You may inquire as to why I pursue search marketing on a local level? Since the web, alongside a cell phone in everybody's grasp, has supplanted the phone book in most homes, and individuals routinely choose local listings to discover your goods and services in their general vicinity.

We can help you get your site upgraded and found on Google so you overwhelm your competitors. We'd like to give you a free counsel and site examination, and after that give you a fair evaluation of the optimizations that we could make to enhance your business. Reach out to me at 855-277-9243 to begin today!

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